Phnom Penh: On Tuesday morning, the 7 th Anniversary of the 255th Penalty of the Year, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia and other ASEAN leaders, was opened. Special Meeting on Causes of CAV-19: This Meeting is a Video Conference.

In addition to the ASEAN summit, the 10 leaders will also hold special summits with the leaders of the three other ASEAN partners: China, Japan and South Korea. The Asean Plus Three Summit will also focus on the issue of Ivory Coast's disease.

At the Special ASEAN Summit and the Special Summits ASEAN Summit on HIV / AIDS, 19, the Prime Minister will give two important speeches on the impact of HIV / AIDS on economic and social development and world economic growth. As well as the serious impact of Kov-19 on the security, economy, trade and social work overall Which require joint efforts internationally effective and timely response to the threat of the COR 19.