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Phnom Penh: Samdech Techo Hun Sen Speaks to Opposition Critics Say Workers Are Overseas Employment Without Labor Warned that it could end the presence of foreign workers at any time, but it did not. Speaking at a ceremony with Cambodian workers, students in Korea this afternoon, Samdech Techo said: When uncle works hard to send workers abroad like Korea, Japan and legalize workers like in Thailand Lexi will work hard in the Middle East, where Putin leads the country The degree to which I am. ' There are 3,8006 Cambodian legal workers in Korea, but if you are legal, you have a spouse Korea has a population of 65,500.

He also showed the number of Cambodian workers working in Korea, either legally or in the community, as reported by Korean diplomats. 1 million, 100,000 Thai, 20,000 Philippine, 76,000, Mongolia 40,000; 31,000, Bangladesh, 17,000, Vietnam, 220,000, Colombia 8M 3,000, Indonesian, 3,000, 3,000, Nepalese, 40,000, women, twenty-six thousand Thirteen thousand Pakistanis.

At the same time, he also mentioned workers who hold work permit in Korea such as: Vietnam 36,899 Thais, 25,462 Thais, 13,952 Bhutan, 25,365 Filipinos, 5841 Mongolia, 3,8006 Cambodians, Indonesia Myanmar 28,259, Nepal 35,325, Myanmar 25,251, Sri Lankan 2,288, Bangladesh 10173. He added that despite the fact that Thailand is sending a large number of workers abroad, there is a need for more than 1 million Burmese workers from Burma. 2 million from Laos, more than half a million. Why do Thailand send workers abroad? If Thailand needs workers from Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

“So, who accuses me of leading the country just to bring people to me? Do you want to try, I can do to end the presence of Cambodian workers abroad. Why not say that I would like to cancel the agreement, for example with Korea about sending workers to Korea and sending to Cambodia. Back. But according to the opposition, what is damaged is that you are a laborer. ” According to Samdech Hun Sen, according to the Cambodian Ambassador in Korea, Korean workers are sending money to their homeland. More than $ 400 million annually.

"I can do it with Thailand, but I can do it. I can cancel it and ask for my return …". "But I don't. We have been working hard on illegal immigrants in Thailand in Malaysia."