Beijing: Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia, speaks on Facebook On February 5, 2020, I will shortly lead a delegation leaving Beijing to Cambodia. Special Government Flight.

"I am very happy and warm after meeting with my Chinese counterparts, who are very aware of the fact that Take great care and measures of Chinese friends to take care of Cambodian students and students studying in China In Wuhan, KY Hubei. Therefore, all of you are confident and have faith and hope for the measures to prevent the spread of the virus to your children's safety. Living. ”

However, Uncle regrets not to see him directly, but thanks to all the students in Wuhan Sent a message and video clip expressing respect, affection, and concern for the safety of the uncle who was planning to visit the children there. . Even though he did not go, he hoped to see him in the future. Health Care Providers, Pay Attention to the Guidelines of Chinese School and Health Authority to Avoid New Respiratory Infections Coronavirus and other diseases.

Blessings to all our countrymen and nephews, good luck and good luck, especially from all illnesses and diseases. Also cross the coronary ៕ by: Kolab