Phnom Penh: The Royal Government of Cambodia has decided to exempt the tax on the purchase of homes under $ 70,000 throughout the year, in cooperation with the Royal Government of Cambodia with housing developers registered at the Ministry. Economy and Finance and registered with the Department of Economics and Finance.

With the decision to facilitate and support the progress of the housing sector by exempting a full-year tax lien on buying homes under $ 70,000, Samdech Techo Hun Sen also encouraged and encouraged companies to develop. All homes help keep housing prices as low as possible.

In a special message to the Khmer people on the latest situation in the morning of February 24, 2020, Samdech Techo Hun Sen said, “You have the money to buy because the house is worth the price From less than $ 70,000, there is no tax withholding. Affordable homes are now available to all civil servants now open to the public. There are houses that are priced at $ 10,000 up to 20-30,000, but there are also 50,000 or 40,000 homes, so buy them tax-free. ”

"We do this with the participation of affordable real estate agents as well as middle-class people who can afford to buy cheap homes without paying taxes, tax-free and will raise the issue," he said. This.

All of the above decisions of the Royal Government are immediate and urgent measures aimed at assisting key sectors of the economy and affected workers in unfavorable situations as a package of first-round measures in case Necessarily, the government will introduce further measures in line with the evolving nature of the situation. Source: