Phnom Penh: The forum on partnership between the government and civil society Acting Prime Minister Samdech Kheng said that in 2019, the Ministry of Interior received two reports of interrogations from local authorities in Battambang province. The commune authorities did not issue a letter of address to the NGO's and Banteay Meanchey provincial offices, and the district authorities were required to submit an application for action, which is against the law. The department's guidelines.

When journalists asked the acting Prime Minister about the Cambodian authorities' restrictions on assembly and human rights In the year of the year 1919? "I do not know where I want to be, it is exactly where I have confirmed it," he said. In fact, when there is information and we have a partner to discuss the problem, he refuses to bring the issue to the table. No, he is misleading the information, I think this information is bad ".

The Kremlin said that the dissemination of information by some civil society organizations was a bad intention with the Royal Government, contrary to what the Royal Government is committed to. Governments that regard CSOs as good partners.

"I requested that the information be kept secret, where is the problem, because if we do not know how to solve the problem suddenly he exploded," he said. The news that there were so many cases this year that authorities threatened to threaten and ask where they were given information, did not dare to provide any information. That he inflated my information If there is a dispute, there will be no basis between civil society organizations and authorities, but civil society organizations collect information and provide information. Come back to work. This is like a cover-up of CSOs, so relations between the government and civil society are not as transparent as constructive ones. The only partner is the debt watch.

During the second half of 2019, the Ministry of Interior received only two reports related to inquiries from local authorities – Battambang The commune authorities did not issue the address, the address of the organization and the province of Banteay Meanchey, which the district authorities required the NGO to apply for the permit. Involvement in the activity Its blessing to this case is contrary to the guidelines of the Ministry of the Interior. In both cases, the inter-ministerial team also made direct contact with the two provincial administrations to facilitate and resolve the issue. That happened too. The Royal Government of Cambodia remains committed to further promoting its cooperation in partnership with CSOs. Civilian contribution to local economic development.

The Royal Government welcomes what civil society organizations say because the ministry has a permanent mechanism to address issues and also has a public forum. At the national and subnational levels, however, the CSOs are not aware of how to resolve them.

In the two cases, the inter-ministerial team also contacted the provincial administration to facilitate and resolve the incident. However, the Royal Government of Cambodia remains committed to further promoting its cooperation in partnership with civil society and non-governmental organizations.

"In the past, some civil society organizations have mentioned not two, but many cases," he said. We do not deny this, but we have been wondering why, in this case, he went to the counter and he gave no information. It comes to the authority of the government. "It looks like he's hiding information, so our relationship with us is not transparent, it's not building partnerships."

In dealing with civil society organizations, the ministry, in particular, has organized public forums at national and sub-national levels to address issues. In addition, the Prime Minister requested the organization to provide information to each other because the Royal Government considers the organization as two categories, advocacy and development participation. Support the Royal Government's Policy Program By: intellectual property