Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior said that the friendly smile and gesture of officials along the border is the equivalent of sending a message. Cambodia's ideal to many foreigners.

At the closing ceremony of the Annual Meeting for 2019 and the 2020 Employment Department of the Immigration Department in the afternoon of January 30, 2020 Kheng has strongly supported the Immigration Department's directive, which prompts all immigration police officers to apply the slogan "Service with a smile."

He said that this is an excellent contribution to the implementation of the policy of attracting national and international tourists, and in line with the Royal Government's policy, which urges all ministries and institutions to promote public service and Administrative services to the people quickly, transparently.

"In practical terms, the warm smile and friendly gestures of your brothers, especially those working in the gates, are equivalent to sending a good message of Cambodia to foreigners," he said. And more, that message will help them come and see in Cambodia. ”

He advised police officers to continue promoting the role of front line officers of international gateways and international border checkpoints in preventing the bad elements from allowing terrorists to occupy Cambodia. Hiding shelters, assigning terrorist activities of all kinds, transnational crime, or evading law enforcement in foreign countries .

At the same time, Samdech Krasch Kheng also informed the police at the checkpoint gateway to check the entry of passengers, the detection of irregular documents and other items on the immigration blacklist for effective resolution. Also, promote the use and maintenance of information technology systems that the Ministry is well equipped And better access to data for analysis and monitoring measures necessary to request the actual job. Bush by Eng Cheng