Phnom Penh: After these days, Cambodia has no new infection with HIV-19, National Assembly President Samdech Heng Samrin reminded Khmer people to be very careful in protecting themselves from the disease of Kov-19 and should not be neglected.

Heng Samrin wrote on Facebook on April 23, 2020 that citizens must remain vigilant in preventing the disease from spreading to themselves, their families, communities and the nation.

"Please continue to be very careful in protecting yourself against cow-19," he said. "Although more than a week ago our country did not have a new case of polio-19, we must not neglect and forget about protection from the disease."

In addition, the President of the National Assembly calls on citizens to adhere to the Ministry of Health's instructions, especially regular hygiene such as hand washing with alcohol or hand sanitizer, and when traveling wearing masks and masks. Do a lot of meeting people.

The National Assembly chief said that if it is known that it was from a place where there has been infection of Kov-19 or infected patients, keep it for 14 days in case of any inconvenience.

Taking this opportunity, Mr. Samrin added, "I would like to thank all the leaders of the National Assembly for donating their money to join the National Committee for Disease Control and Control, and to provide education on mass distribution of alcohol and other materials. For the people to be aware and have the means to prevent this disease, please all members continue to do this in the future The fight against the disease.

He thanked the Royal Government for introducing stricter and more effective measures for the prevention of timely HIV-1 infection.

Please note that as of this morning, the Cambodian Ministry of Health has treated 110 people with a total of 19 coroners and 12 in total (12 in total and in rehabilitation).

By: Eng Boucheng