Cambodia's Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen presides over here this morning Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, gives a special message to all Cambodians in the context of the current situation. Yeah.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said that now the COVID-19 disease has become a major challenge for the world, especially the war on trade and the decline. Of economic growth. This has also created concern for investors, employees and the public. Many governments in the region have been quick to come up with measures to help reduce the impact and support economic growth. Like other countries in the region, the COVID-19 also has an impact on key sectors of the Cambodian economy. The most common are: 1) tourism, due to the fact that tourists are afraid to leave the heap for travel and shuttle flights; and 2) – Garment sector due to lack of raw materials for some factories in China Enable the recovery of irregularities.

In this context, the government also does not shake hands with employers and companies affected by child labor. Almost all have lost their jobs, and economic growth has slowed, which could endanger society as a whole. Therefore, in the spirit of today's action, the Royal Government has decided to issue emergency intervention measures to manage the impact One of the pillars in the field of economic and social assurance. The Royal Government has taken every initiative to assist all stakeholders and to promote growth in potential sectors. It also includes: 1) assisting companies that are most affected so that they can continue their business in This difficult time is 2) assisting the employee in the event of loss or loss Work for a stable and productive life, improve their skills and work productivity for the future, and (3) promote growth. It especially helps the small and medium enterprises that are the backbone of the national economy. At the same time, the measures that have been put in place will not only reduce the impact on the face, but also the measures to improve The competition was devastating for those sectors and the economy as a whole when COVID-19 was passed.

In the case of the factory, the Samdech Hun Sen stated that in the case of the factory, the enemy had to work for a lack of material due to the virus. Rona and the EBA garment workers will be paid 60% of their monthly minimum wage, with 40% being the pay of the employer The factories and the other 20% are funded by government support. The Prime Minister said that in order to receive the salary this month, workers must attend training courses organized by the Ministry of Labor. Employment and vocational training. These short-term skills training will improve your working ability. At the same time, the Royal Government will look for more job opportunities for workers.

With the help of the Factories, the government can impose a 6 months to one year tax on enterprises affected by the Corona virus and EBA. Samdech Techo announced several other measures to help the garment industry. At the same time, Samdech Techo added that the Royal Government's measures show that Cambodia does not need a 20% tax rate. Europe has been suspended from Cambodia. Samdech Techo Hun Sen has made clear that Cambodia's law enforcement is maintaining its independence and sovereignty. Cambodia will not ask for 20% tax from Europe, but claims that Cambodia is ready for Corona issue and EBA issue .

Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen announces measures to promote and promote small and medium enterprises in Cambodia. Samdech Techo said that the medium and medium enterprises have great potential, especially in agriculture. The promotion of small and medium enterprises will increase state employment and strengthen local productivity. Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen announced the imposition of a tax on houses under US $ 7 million. At the same time, Samdech Techo Hun Sen urged companies that build houses at reasonable prices to sell to government officials, but now sell poorly. That is not possible to sell to the government. The Royal Government's measures are just the first round, and many are being studied and this is the national spirit of the country. Dukes are not accustomed to death by any person.

(More details are contained in the speech of Samdech Techo Prime Minister)