Provincial authorities in Sras Keo (Thailand) have asked the authorities of Battambang (Cambodia) To facilitate the opening of Khu Khin International Border Gate or Phum Dey Kik 13, Sampov Lun District solve the problems of daily life Humanitarian principle that is the main purpose of Thai side for pig export at international border gate “Khleng Hat (Thailand) and” Phu Dey – Kilo 13 ”Sampov Loun District (Cambodia) only.

So far, the governor of Sras Keo and chairman of the emergency situation committee of Sa Kaeo and upon the approval of the provincial committee for infection control Its directive stipulates that the following clauses shall be set forth in Klang Hat District, Sa Kaeo Province, with the Khadin International Gate Go through the hell From Monday to Friday from 6 am to 12 noon, with the first and only permit- Pigs and one person in a pig truck must comply with the Ministry of Health's infection control measures and transport related rules

The pigs are firm. Secondly, the truck goes out to transport goods such as red corn, animal feed, fresh mangoes and peppers to return. And allow only two persons in the vehicle to comply with the Ministry of Health's Communicable Disease Prevention and Transport Act Import firmly. The waiver of the above opening follows a meeting between the two gate officials of the Sa Kaeo administration (Thai side) and Battambang Provincial Government (Cambodia) to facilitate the opening of the Khadin International Border Gate in Kleng Hart District of Sa Kaeo and the Phuket 13 Sampov Loun District of Battambang Province.

After the meeting between the two port officials, the international border checkpoints of Sa Kaeo and Battambang province started to transport on April 14, 2020. . According to the coordinator of the opening of the gate, the proposed border gate at the Khine Din – Phnom Deyk border 13 Located in the province of Sampov Lun District, Battambang Province is made by the Thai side requesting to enter Cambodia first while Thailand and Cambodia meet. Problems from the global pandemic of transmission and transmission Corona virus Covid-19 so far. The Thai side declared a state of emergency and unilaterally closed all border gates along the Cambodian border and issued a subsequent notification to Border gate manager in Geographical Cambodia, next to Sras Keo province (Thailand), requesting the provincial authorities of Battambang (Cambodia) to open international checkpoint Yes (Valley Sampov 13 kilograms). By: Ong Saram