The Covid-19 virus has spread to about 70 countries, and up to 94,000 people have been infected worldwide. Apart from China, where the disease first appeared, the largest outbreaks have been registered in Iran, South Korea and Italy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is protected from infectious diseases as a precaution, according to the Sputnik press release on March 4, 2020. A possible advance is being implemented.

Responding to questions about what was done to ensure Putin's safety, a Kremlin spokesman said: "We are doing everything to prevent the virus from appearing near the president. "In fact, the problem is about ordinary preventative hygiene measures that Russian citizens can take."

Moscow previously confirmed its first case of a coronavirus with a citizen returning from Italy in February. At least 24 people who have been in contact with the virus have been admitted to the hospital, while another 83 have been urged to remain isolated at home. Authorities later confirmed that all tests performed on them showed negative results.

According to recent data, the death toll from the Covid-19 virus has reached 3,200, meaning the virus's death rate is around 3.4%. Update: October