PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) – Made public on Facebook The official name of Sok ណ្ណ Guang of the Khmer People's Party's Sok iam Guang says that the Russey Keo administration is clearing people's land and banning illegal people, beating and killing people in the meeting room. Khan Russey Keo stated that the above information did not reflect the facts and caused confusion among the public about the implementation The Administration of Land Dispute Resolution in Russey Keo Development Zone

In connection with the above case, on February 22, Khan Russey Keo district issued a press release in response to the misinformation circulated publicly. The official Facebook page, named by Sok Sokiam Vattana Sabong, President of the Khmer Rouge Party, did not reflect on the discussion. Continued and caused White's confusion Public opinion on the implementation of administrative measures to resolve land conflicts in the development Keo. In particular, the case that HE posted to the district administration alleges that he tortured a person named Prum Boor in the hall of the district administration Serious crackdown on authorities.

The district administration strongly denies and denies the charges against the authorities without such grounds, and the district administration has sufficient evidence to prove it. That the person, Prum Boo, was not shot by anyone, according to video footage from security cameras on campus and in the halls. Meeting. Lastly, the district administration hopes and believes that he will revise the article on his social network, which he accused the public authorities of without evidence. Thus, ៖ By: Wisdom