The Royal Group of ICTs is collaborating on an initiative to help protect its customers and ensure that people, businesses, and government departments in Cambodia maintain a secure and informed relationship during the process. The rough and unstable one.

The integrated response includes providing richness with benefits, faster internet speeds, increased service levels, a global push for payment processing, as well as support for the Ministry of Health on public announcements and broadcasts. And educational programs for students.

Oknha Kith Meng, CEO of Royal Group, leads the joint response as part of a personal commitment to ensure his company is doing everything possible to keep the Kingdom of Cambodia connected. And meet customer's daily needs.

The work begins after the Duke's donation last week of $ 500,000 to the government in support of the crisis, and the donation of a bottle of water, handwashing and heaters to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. To protect civil servants during their operations.

This week Cellcard announced the launch of the CELLCARD 4U plan, which benefits consumers from keeping unused balances in addition to their free weekly offers. The new plan comes as Cellcard increases its service level by extending its customer service hours and offering free SIMs to those who cannot reach the company's stores or branches.

EZECOM, Cambodia's leading internet service provider, is also doubling the number of existing subscribers for free for three months and encouraging customers to make online payments for the safety of their customers and employees.

WING also offers all Cambodians access to free money transfer services through their Wing Smartphone program. Tier 1 transfer companies have been struggling with online payment services for their daily needs and are expanding their day-to-day business agents to provide clients with convenience such as online shopping, shipping Food, beverages, utility charges and mobile phone top-ups. The team is working to ensure that their agents are adequately prepared for real-time cash transfers, working with leading banks and financial institutions committed to working during this crisis.

CBC, the Broadcasting Television Station, is working with the Ministry of Health every day to broadcast news and provide live broadcasts of all the press conferences on the CNC CTN and all CBS Facebook pages.

To support graduates of the Royal Group of Digital Television Services, Royal Group has created a new television channel to broadcast its own curriculum. Initially, the program will launch this week for grade 12 students, and the company plans to extend free services to other students in the coming weeks.

Tycoon Kith Meng is ensuring that the ICT company has its own technical team and infrastructure waiting to be served, which ensures extended service hours for all its customers.

The Royal Group will stand for our clients and employees as it continues to work with the government to ensure a secure connection of information and a safe and secure way to operate and work for the next 24 years Countrywide ៕