Phnom Penh: Although the old road has been renovated by the Chinese company, the potential 51th Ring Road is attracting investment from local and foreign investors. The transport provided economic growth to the people living in the area The renewable industry is increasingly outsourcing requirements.

Street 51 has also made a major difference in the real estate sector, especially the land sector through the real estate growth in the area, as it has become a major economic hub due to freight traffic. Exit and link up to three economic poles. National Road 51 has economic potential because the area is rich in factories, industries, handicrafts, and residential and land development projects. With more than 50 factories in operation and markets, schools and financial institutions, banks, microfinance institutions and other services, the SEZ has attracted the attention of local and foreign investors. .

Moung Yu Leng, director of the Department of Public Works and Transport, said that Route 51 is a convenient shortcut through the city, so people who want to divert Phnom Penh can take Route 51 from National Road 4 to the road. National No. 5 or National Route 5 back to National Road 4.

He said that Road 51, which is a border road between Kandal and Kompong Speu, had been rebuilt by a Chinese company that made Kompong Speu want to cut to Battambang or other provinces on the national highway. No 5 can travel through Route 51. It can be a shortcut to help you travel faster, without having to go through town or face heavy traffic jams. And refrain from reducing expenditure on fuel. Not only Route 51 facilitates transportation and boosts economic growth by enabling people to travel faster, save time, and benefit the people living along the route. This is especially profitable and has greatly boosted both the economy and the people.

Also, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Real Estate Professionals (CREA) Mr. Khun Puthy, in a recent personal interview with the Ampil Media Center, said that the 51st Street is an industrial area due to the infrastructure of the Road 51, which is the Ring Road of the city. There is a link with National Road 5 to National Road 4, down to National Road 3, near the port If we are able to locate factories, factories, and other easy-to-use goods and deliver them to international ports located in Sihanoukville and Koh Kong, the area will be closer to (51st Street) and closer to the city. Shipping of raw materials and finished products to international ports as well.

From the perspective of Nuon Rithy, the chairman of KFA, which is a real estate investor, also mentioned recently in an interview with the head of the agency, that Road 51 is good for the industry now and in the future. We know that the biggest industry trend is that land labor is affordable and that we can recycle agricultural land, wilderness land can be industrialized, land prices are cheap at 51st Street still at an all-time high. $ 20 per square meter, so well worth the industrial park.

Seeing the potential of Ring Road 51, the housing company Borey Rory City Road # 51 (Odong) also took into consideration the extensive irrigation, paved roads, large sewer system. Do not reserve clogged roads with electric light along the road, which contributes to the area's fullness. This economic potential is even more attractive. These are the main factors for the clients who want to find the right home with Borey City City Oudong Project which is the best area with water, canals, poles, concrete roads and small and large enterprises. It is especially suitable for businesses that can provide high returns on the sale or lease As the area is a destination for further development, it becomes a very attractive satellite resort.

It should be noted that the Borei Oura City Project located on National Road 51, Kbal O village, Preah Srei commune, Odong district, Kampong Speu province, is the second project to get contact details: 017 222 099/086 666 375.