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Golden Queen Ros Sereysothea was the first woman to win the title in the music scene of the Sangkum Reastr Niyum She is also one of only a handful of women who have served Khmer nationals in the arts to successfully jump A parachute in the parachute of the Khmer Republic. Not only has she gained critical acclaim, she is also the first woman to make a movie in " Life in a Fire. ”

According to a Facebook post Bizarne described. Later, Sin Sisamouth stepped into the Cambodian film industry with his collaborators and artist friends Others have produced their own film, "Unfinished Songs," the show was less successful No.

Shin Sisamouth has created a recording studio and has authored several albums of his own songs but seems unlikely. Less successful. The crown jewel of Shin Sisamouth, but if you sing it for another, is a huge success, this is true. His.

Ms. Ros Sereysothea I just heard the names of the three songwriters in the 24th Congressional Contest Understand that she is a native of Battambang who has won the first place, not her name, but Mao Za Reth, Chhun Vanna, Chhuon Malai, Soavoeun Neua Meas is the guide and sponsor of Ruth Serey Sothea. Along with Im Songung to work on national radio, otherwise Ruth Serey Sothea cannot set foot on the ground floor.

In the Republican era, when I was working for the First Brigade Brigade, Gen. Kling moved to Kompong Speu II. Brigadier General Srey Ya replaces the Commander-in-Chief of the PPWSA and the provincial governor.

During May 1973, before I was transferred to the Chief of Staff in the 10th month, I was on a mission to the Ministry. Defense within the Ministry. The morning before his arrival at the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Brigadier General summoned me to meet me. At the office and offered to take me to a military Jeep to a reception at the military hotel (center d'accueil régional) to get a flight attendant. Also. After obeying the order, Ya nodded and waved me over to the troop carriage where he had been. That order.

I got into the car and headed towards the centred'accueuil, not far from the Commander's house, but the car ran through the courtyard of the provincial road. Go to the courtyard. As the car approached the stairs, a soldier was seen wearing a pajama top and a khaki hat. Balloons and a big basket, but I got out of the car to help.

I asked them if there was anything more he replied to me, the small, soft voice of a woman who made me Awakened but the woman laughed, "That's all. Smile back at me and she asked if we could. When to go to Phnom Penh? I replied that we had to leave now, and Elico was in the provincial hall just waiting for us.

The paramedic was the kind of woman Gen. Yaya gave me, and who he was, I seemed to be. Missed yet. I asked them if they were up in the morning and were sorry. "I ate breakfast that was set up at 7 o'clock."

The Jeep took us to the provincial courtyard where Eliko was parked, and Pilates asked me, When they fueled us, I had one of the soldiers lift the basket and the balloon to the soldier. She walked comfortably on our plane as we left the two-seater Lot On both sides of me.

Eko flew high up around the city for a roundabout, just southbound on the plane No, just looking at each other, the fan blaring loudly at the same time, there was a car approaching, but I was wondering This female soldier seems to have seen where she was right, as well as how she had fed her. About 40 minutes later we arrived in Pochentong on the flight and I learned that she was What's your name.

Upon landing, the first Rover's Rover sedan was received The paramilitary sergeant was the only known sergeant Sue I had ever met. Cef respect me and ask me where you went, I tell him that I have come here To whom? Sefah points out to the paramilitary soldier, raising his hand to respect me, and reveals that Ros Sereysothea is at 4th Parachute Regiment of the 2nd Brigade.

I seemed to be falling off a certain shelf, because the female soldiers were riding closer to Elko 40 minutes as our Country Singer and became a paramedic after March 18, 1970, and is now the wife of a Brigadier General. And she is very fair. This is Hong Lam's account.

However, the movie "Life in War" is said to have been viewed many times but did not seem to survive The role of Kim NOVA, Som Vann Dany, and NOBEM BEN BANGER…. Bishoan clarified that "Life in War" Ros Sereysothea had not been filmed but had a poster in The Khmer Republic regime, he remembers. Particularly in 1979, he recaptured the poster of "Life in War" but did not keep up.