Phnom Penh: As of July 1, 2020, farming is a mustThe rainy season across the country decided to cultivate and sow 1,791,964 hectares, equivalent to 69.24% of the 2,588,130 hectares planned for the previous year 337 591 hectares.

Of these, paddy rice is 595,305 hectares from 84,685 hectares last year, 831,168 hectares of central rice, 224 322 hectares from last year, 314,799 hectares of heavy rice compared to 27 764 last year. Hectare, 17,682 hectares of paddy less than 1,329 hectares, and 33,006 hectares of rice paddies. In the meantime, we have gradually harvested 13,837 hectares of wet season rice, yielding a total of 55,505 tons. On average, 4,011 tons per hectare.

Particularly, the pace of cultivation of horticultural crops and industrial crops by the 2020 rainy season: horticulture: sweet corn, sweet potatoes, vegetables (Watermelon) reached 43,892 hectares, equivalent to 88.81% of the 49,420 hectares plan, up from 7,929 hectares last year. Industrial crops (red corn, potatoes, soybeans, peanuts, soybeans, sesame, sugarcane, jute, tobacco, and lotus) achieved 645,511 hectares Will be 73.81% of the 874 595 hectares plan, up from 14,570 hectares last year.

However, the export of agricultural products through the one-way gate and not six months of agricultural exports Better gains. The total export volume of agricultural products is over 4 million tons, of which the following are the main products: rice reached 397,660 tons An increase of 41.25% compared to the first six months of 2019 exported to 56 countries. Paddy rice reached 983,508 tonnes, decreased by 51.90%, exported to Vietnam (unofficial).

Exports of cashew reached 193,213 tonnes, increased 18.03%, exported to Vietnam, Japan, Russia, China, Hong Kong, France and Thailand, fresh bananas Reached 140,566 tons, increased 150.42%, exporting to China, Vietnam and Japan.

Grapefruit reaches 11,400 tonnes to Thailand Out of 4 276 tonnes of mango, an increase of 221.96% was exported to China, Japan, Thailand, Korea and Vietnam.
The production of cassava flour, which reached 12,200 tonnes, decreased by 53.96%, exporting to India, China, Belgium and Italy. 46,200 tonnes of fresh mango, up 58.14%, were exported to Thailand, Vietnam, France, Russia, Korea and Hong Kong. Pepper achieved 2,796 tons, increased by 18.75%, exported to Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Switzerland. , Vietnam, USA, Russia, England, India, Belarus, Korea, Czech, New Zealand and Australia. And 35,377 tonnes of fresh peppers, an increase of 173.08% and 1,200 tonnes of fresh peppers by 2019, exported to Thailand and over 50 products. Other faces ៕