Kampong Speu Province: People still remember the Sangkum Reastr Niyum era until the time of the Khmer Republic. Residents of Rolak Kang Cheung area, Oral district, Kampong Speu province often suffer. Insulting people outside the area as ignorant people living in remote areas. But now the opposite is true, as the foot-and-mouth area is no longer under slander, as it has become an area full of development and It is also an attractive natural resort. What is important is the community behind the market.

Khnong Phsar is a large mountainous area located in Tangbong village, Rolak Kang Cheung area, Ta Sal commune, Oral district, Kampong Speu province. Behind the market is the intersection of three provinces that connect the three provinces of Koh Kong, Kampong Speu and Pursat. Khsong Phsar is an area rich in dense forests, high valleys, beautiful pine fields and rich in rare wildlife. Many types.

According to the advice of the community, in the early morning we should travel to the back of the market to see the beauty of The sun rises, accompanied by cold weather and flying clouds, not inferior to the view on Bokor Mountain. In the evening we can watch the sunset from the ridge.

According to the community, to travel to the back of the market, we have to travel along National Road 4 to the provincial town of Kampong Speu after crossing Kampong Speu Bridge, about 1 km, we turn at the Tela (Chbar Morn) traffic light to the right, about 1 km, we will see a left turn. There is a signpost to Oral. Take the Oral (Route 44) for about 50 km, we will reach the Oral roundabout and continue on Along the 35-kilometer trail, we will cross the boiling water and reach the village of Lak Kang Cheung, a village of Phnom Khnong Phsar.

At the same time, to reach the top of the mountain, we have to go to the environmental office in the village to list the names of the climbers. Mountains are easy to manage and require environmental officials to accompany them to oversee and protect them. Another was a community villager for guidance, and he also helped us pack and cook for us to eat. Travel from the village to the foot of the mountain, we can take a community bullock cart, which takes about 2 hours.

Then walk up the hill, the road is not very difficult, flat and hilly, if the luggage is not heavy, it is best because one Is very dilapidated due to heavy luggage for those who walk fast enough and do not rest often can take about 4-5 hours or more for It took me eight hours to reach the top of the mountain. Should have at least 1-2 large bottles of drinking water per person for drinking on the road, when traveling, we can pour water for drinking on the street There should only be water filters or street water boilers.

According to the community, guests can relax on the top of the mountain, but we should prepare a tent or hammock with a roof or plastic Cover to protect against rain or dew. Prepare a thick coat or blanket, because it is very cold at night. For eating, we have to prepare dry things that can be stored for a long time, such as dried fish, dried beef and sausage. For cooked rice, buy you The village below can be taken up the mountain.

On the other hand, to make it easier to eat, we should prepare canned noodles, bread, fish or milk, cream, coffee… for Breakfast. However, there is a waterfall on the water that can be used for bathing, cooking or cooking, if possible for Personal water filter. But the thing to note is that on that mountain there are no toilets, for defecation we should have a hoe or not. For easy digging, bury the soil and do not forget wet paper. However, it is required to help keep clean and properly collect garbage to make the community back more beautiful for all of us.