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Kampot Province: As the epidemic of cholera 19 is being spread by the Ministry of Health to all public and private ministries Beware of this ever-present virus, which can easily be passed from one person to another That.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health has officially announced the temporary suspension of all clubs, restaurants, karaoke and meeting places. Many people.

Separately, Kampot, although no new outbreaks of the Kovirus 19 virus in the capital and some provinces People in the province are wary of the fact that resorts in the province such as hotels and resorts Entertainment Garden Garage, Food Store & Karaoke Shop Keith also was closed.

After the Ministry of Health announced the prevention and control of this type of disease is a club and meeting place Many gatherings that used to be crowded, but now have been quiet, with no people gathered to entertain. As before.

The owner of a restaurant has told the island that before the outbreak of the Kovirus 19, the Ministry of Health had not been notified. From caution and protection against this virus is his restaurant has a large number of guests. To 8 tables, but now after promotion Cautious of the 19 cases of polio infection, his shop lost all visitors Afraid of getting this kind of infection. But there are still four to five guests a day to cook and take home. Families stay home, but not every day.

Particularly, the overall view of resorts several days before the government announced the closure of citizens from one province to another Provinces from one province to another for tourists visiting the province also seem to be quiet Also.

There are no restrictions on tourists, but locals and foreigners are reluctant to visit Villages fearing to get infected with the virus. Therefore, resorts are not visited by tourists.

As for the market, the market and the market in solidarity town in the past few days so far, people from Village, commune, and market more than half a month ago, while prices of food, fish, meat, vegetables and vegetables are constant. The prices are lower, especially beef and pork, and even seafood Necessary customers who used to throw to the store, the price remains the same.

In particular for Beirut entertainment, karaoke shops are permanently closed, with no shops open, and women working as waitresses. Guests at the Grenadine and Karaoke shops complained that if the conditions for KV 19 were to linger, They don't know where to pay for housing, food and There was no water to go back home because the authorities were forbidden from crossing the province Prevent HIV infection 19 (Editing by: Thida)