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Phnom Penh Capital Administration Holds Meeting to Resolve Flooding on National Road 4 in front of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal Traffic and the avoidance of property damage to citizens.

In the afternoon of Phnom Penh Municipal Hall, this afternoon, Phnom Penh Municipal Governor HE Khuong Sreng confirmed that the Ministry of Public Works and Transport was working in the field. Phnom Penh Transport will ship many machinery to the site to restore the canal deep along the highway. # 4 in front of the Khmer Rouge tribunal this week to relieve flooding by flash flooding.

He said that the area was flooded due to water runoff from Kompong Speu and Ang Snoul district of Kandal province and A number of other smaller canals have also been inundated and abused the canals. Mr. Sreng says authorities will expedite the resolution of flooding in the area, which will ease difficulties. Of the people and of the travel disturbances.

Sam Piseth, director of the Phnom Penh Municipal Department of Public Works and Transport, said there was an urgent way to solve the problem of flooding in the area. Effectively, the department drained mud from the bottom of the canal on either side of National Road 4 in front of the Khmer Rouge tribunal, to the train tracks. North of the canal rests along the railroad to Win Win Boulevard to Ta Mok Lake.

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The southern part of National Road 4 will be rehabilitated along the railway line to the Tahoe Canal to the Prek Thnout and Canal canals. Another along National Road 3 to Choeung Ek. The project, he said, will help drain more water faster, reducing flooding. It should be highlighted that the administration in Phnom Penh is studying with the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology to create a water system from Kampong Speu to drain into Prek Thnout river. Once, to reduce the flow to Phnom Penh, floods caused by rainfall. By: John Narith