Phnom Penh: Within two days, people in Phnom Penh capital The demand for stockpiles, especially daily food, has led to opportunists taking advantage of prices.

According to a Facebook account, Tara Om wrote that since news of the Japanese was infected with the Corona virus, some people in Phnom Penh have been buying food as well as helping macro owners. Penalties for removing the item from his shop, but you are surprised to buy the product, but only think that if there is an infection. Corona, he was able to stay home because the goods had been stored So he didn't go to work, okay? And for how many months can he buy goods that he can stock? If, for example, there were already infected people in the macrocosm and had to rush to the mosquito, why not?

Dalin Chhoun's account also states that the disease is difficult to treat. We should first look at the facts and evaluate them. Currently, covid.19 is undergoing intensive monitoring from health officials and relevant partners, although it is not yet available. No Cambodian people have been found covid.19 Please take the information to our people, not just fake fake news Social.

On March 6, 2020, the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration issued a proclamation that all states maintain a quiet life for their livelihood. Do not be overwhelmed by rumors and follow the preventive measures recommended by the Ministry of Health, as this time there are no citizens. Anyone in Cambodia has the virus David, 19.

The notice advised that the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration had advised the people to maintain order, stability, trade and avoid opportunists to increase food prices. Because Cambodian food products exceed expectations and are exported to other countries.

The Phnom Penh Municipal Administration issued a statement that after two days, people in Phnom Penh were shopping. Saving food, especially daily food, gives opportunists an opportunity to increase prices while food is reserved in Phnom Penh. Pointe did not face a shortage of money by: a Please