Kampong Speu ÷ The Kompong Speu Provincial Police is investigating a case of selling blood test kits Quickly find coronavirus (Kovirus 19), no fake permits at pharmacies, clinical locations throughout Kampong Speu.

In the morning of March 30, 2020, the Joint Commission on Health of the Ministry of Health visited the pharmacy of the sub-centers, pharmacies and clinics Coordinated by Mr. Kai Sis, Deputy prosecutor at the Kompong Speu Provincial Court, Colonel Heng Decides to the Provincial Anti-Economic Police The doctor from the Provincial Gendarmerie's Department of Health carried out research and inspected the pharmacy business, pharmacies, sub-centers, outpatient clinics and medical equipment. Quick blood test for coronavirus virus 19, which was banned by importers in Cambodia Allowed No registration and no certification by WHO, WHO and Ministry of Health of Cambodia.

Rapid blood test kits are a product of fraud that criminal gangs take advantage of during the turmoil of the Covid19 epidemic. Worldwide patrols, on the other hand, dealers have used expensive items such as masks, alcohol and more Sales of fake mass traffic c Water-quality counterfeit alcohol.

Ministry of Health Announces and Issues Legal Measures in Case of Early HIV Testing Counterfeit masks, counterfeit alcohol, and misrepresentation of market value The government orders law enforcement to extract and establish cases. Submit Courts take legal action to revoke licenses, not to allow the business for life, to prevent opportunists from causing unrest While the people are suffering from a global crisis, by: Kolab