Ratanakiri: Ratanakkiri TV Channel 3 reporter asked to postpone his appearance in court after deputy prosecutor at court Rabbarandy province issued a summons for comment on Monday on charges of incitement to a crime but was acquitted. Deny and looking for a learned lawyer

According to a statement by Rabbi Randy, dated 3 June last week, the Post had invited the name of the 52-year-old male crop. Khmer Rouge Suspect Arrives at Ratanakiri Provincial Court (Room B) on 15 June 2020 9 am to arrive to clarify the case of Porn Dany, a male accused of "inciting crime" .

The order must be arrived at by the court on the date specified above and brought. Other documentation is included, if any.

Ratanakkiri, TV3's third-party television reporter, told the Post last week that he regretted learning that Putin had been killed. He was charged with incitement to a crime, as he did not do so.

He added that he did not know the exact cause of the charges, just remembering that he had been promoting it Land Dispute at Rattanakiri Airport Project, Interviewing with People Criticizing Authorities for Not Solving Land Dispute To the citizens and allow more land grabbing at the airport.

“I did not know the name of Wednesday, but I found out that Wednesday is the deputy governor of Banlung. Now I am preparing the relevant documents around this case and also researching the facts and the facts. I am also seeking an attorney to assist in this case as I do not yet understand what the charges are I am not. ”

Mr. Phalkorn confirmed yesterday that he had already submitted an application for an extension on Friday to study the case. The charge was made known to him by the warrant, but did not specify the exact location and time.

Puth Dany, deputy governor of Banlung town, and the other party could not be reached for comment on the case against Mr. Phalok, the provincial TV station's Third Channel reporter. Ratanakiri could not be reached by phone.

Kol Phanna, director of the Ratanakkiri Provincial Information Department, said last week that he had received the information, but he did not know why. No lawsuits. He urged the two parties to settle outside the court to avoid paying court fees.

“In fact, I do not see that this summoning is a threat to or detrimental to the freedom of the press, as individuals have the reputation,” he said. Their name, so if our journalists preach professionally and ethically, then I do not believe they are suing us and if we have Sufficient evidence, we are not afraid of anything.

Nou Vy, executive director of the Cambodian Journalists Association (CAMBO-JA), said the lawsuit was a violation of freedom of press, as journalists You write information or publish information. According to the Law on Journalism, if journalists write or publish something that is not clear, those involved should clarify or write a letter to the media. To be enlightened.

“This case is a violation of the freedom of the press. By the court system. If a journalist writes a complaint, then no journalist dares to write about the official's inaction and the corrupt official The more happy they are, the more corrupt they will be. ”