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Ly Hoeung is known as a famous writer who now has a reputation for literary and literary achievements. History. A Facebook columnist, Sophon writes, “The famous Khmer poet was so famous to the Khmer Queen Sisowath. That is what Ly Heung calls a cowboy.

Prince Norodom Kant issued a letter inviting Ly Hoeung to call Ravidev to the Royal Palace for a gift from the Queen. Ly Heung, the author of "Cowen", wrote a book entitled "History of Cambodia.

Then Prince Norodom Kol Khiev, the Director General of the Royal Palace, dated February 18, 1969, invited Lee Hoeung to call Kiev. Chairperson of the National Honor Society's Committee for the Protection of Individual Honors presented a textbook entitled "History of Cambodia". December 11, 1968, trying to get married Compiling this book.

The Queen described Rochteav as a "nationalist." (Edited by: Bopha)