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Former 80s and 90s actress Soun Sokun Tharyry still saving to return to the arts Even so, she has been away from the arts for nearly 30 years and is sending her a new life with her husband in the country. Germany, too.

However, she still has not had the chance to return to the show as a co-star Still, there was no mention of Cheng's disappearance and no information about her life was living overseas .

Despite the fact that few people know about the private life, Soun Sokun Thavy remains committed to returning to the arts. Again, despite her recent comeback, she is the only mother or grandmother or role That fits her age.

52-year-old Suus Sokun Tharyiri confirmed to the island via email on April 29, 2020. She is currently living with her husband in Germany while she has no children. She confirmed that she had married a German husband in 2000 and left Cambodia. She has been living in Germany for about 20 years but she always visits Cambodia every year Once a year.

Suos Sokun Thary, a native of Stung Treng district, Kampong Cham province, decided to leave the arts profession in 1993 when She has achieved fame through more than 20 films, many of which she starred with. Mr. Rithy and Mr. Chan Nary.

Although she has been away from the arts for many years, she said, She still remembers wanting to re-perform because she loves and loves the arts without the intention of giving up. Although she has a husband and is a little older Women.

However, she said that so far, she has not had the opportunity to re-perform You ask, or you want to take her for granted, but in the event that any production is needed, she will play. Take part in the show immediately, playing either mom or grandma.

Soun Sokun Tharyvary finds that the Cambodian arts sector is now more developed and better than others. She plays because of this modern technique, her character is also rich and beautiful, but her character is beautiful in nature. A lot less crap.

She stated that she would soon return to Cambodia and if any company needed her, she would always welcome them. Her husband also did not object to the issue and agreed to live in Cambodia. Because her husband loves and loves Cambodia.

Lastly, Sousa Sokun Thavy sent all Khmer people good luck to avoid the disease and Thanks to all her support for her past performances, though there are some good ones and some bad ones. (Edited by: Bopha)