Phnom Penh: Ministry of Tourism on July 31, 2020 Has met with the private sector in the tourism sector in Cambodia to develop a strategy to receive international tourists gradually, which absolutely ensures Safety from COVID-19. The meeting was chaired by His Excellency Dr. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism at the Ministry of Tourism.

Prior to this meeting, the Ministry of Tourism has already prepared a draft guideline on Travel by Travel Bubble or One way Closed-loop Charted Plane in Cambodia. .

Through this meeting, HE Minister Thong Khon stated that the Ministry of Tourism will consult with experts and the Ministry

Health to plan a travel policy by place, also known as Travel Bubble to organize a tour package to receive international tourists with proper management. From safe regions or countries from COVID-19.

He added that while the world is experiencing an epidemic of COVID-19, Cambodia has been severely affected. Tourism has shut down more than 3,000 major businesses in the tourism sector, and some have closed. This has resulted in the loss of more than 50,000 tourism jobs due to the lack of international visitors to Cambodia.

His Excellency Dr. Thong Khon continued that for the principle of opening travel by place or corridor of travel, Cambodia is made to receive only tourists. International from the safe zone from COVID-19 from abroad to the safe zone from COVID-19 in Cambodia, and if this plan is successful, it is possible Urge Cambodia to build confidence in the recovery of the tourism sector, promote the gradual recovery of tourism business Re-create jobs for the unemployed due to COVID-19 and ensure economic growth.

While encouraging the opening of travel by this place to receive international tourists to Cambodia, HE Dr. Thong Khon also urged Airlines, hotels, hotels and businesses in Cambodia must strive to maintain good hygiene to provide high confidence to guests. International tourism.

His Excellency stated that for receiving international tourists in the form of Travel Bubble, Cambodia expects to receive international tourists only on the type Retired tourists and wealthy guests, etc.
In particular, international tourists in safe areas in ASEAN and ASEAN Plus 3, which are the primary study goals and must be done in stages. With the approval of the Ministry
Health and with the permission of the Royal Government.

However, for the reception of international tourists, the Travel Bubble can only be implemented with the approval of the Ministry. Health and permission from the Royal Government.
By: Kolap