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Meanwhile, Cambodia's key sectors are being affected by the Coronavirus or Covid-19 virus Find out that the leaders of these institutions have shown their impact but only for your construction and real estate Experts see that there are some downsides to buying. Worse still, if the coronavirus or Covid-19 continues to linger for a long time and The project will continue to be suspended, and construction will be delayed Follow up the situation first and continue on with your next journey.

“When it comes to building big and small buildings when So far, no significant reductions have been made without the effects of the coronavirus. But now, for some deals, there seems to be some downside. So when the deal goes down, I think now or in the near future Some construction work has been cut and for projects to go out, they will have to be suspended, and any projects that are not needed will be suspended Don't push it forward, just wait. "

Although the scale of the impact on the real estate and construction sectors is not yet fully demonstrated, The expert sees that if the Covid-19 is in control for a period of time, the construction and real estate sectors may return Improve in the next half year as most major projects buy out Chinese and Chinese tourists. “To date, we have not been able to predict the impact of the Cambodian construction sector for a reason It just started happening, wait a little longer. But if it (coronavirus infection) takes longer then it might be affected. But if in the near future the disease is managed, the situation may return in time The next half year. "

He added that the majority of Cambodian real estate buyers are Chinese and tourists, so if they do not come Buying a property in Cambodia will affect the purchase of real estate, accommodation in the hotel, and access to other services.

Chuk Sok Nim, President of the Cambodian Association of Valuers and Estate Agents, told the Cambodian real estate sector that in early 2002, we There are some challenges that are happening in Cambodia as well as in the world Cambodia Real Estate Business Team. “We saw some challenges, like in the beginning of the year we had a new year off,” said Soknim. Global, then Chinese New Year and finally, there is a big risk of coronavirus. The Corona virus has impacted Cambodia's real estate in the short term. But these problems come back when they get the medicine or we can control it ».

According to the association's president, even though the Cambodian real estate sector is suffering from the negative effects of the Corona virus for sale Locals are still active. “During the short-term challenges facing the real estate sector, it is both an opportunity and an opportunity For those who want to invest in real estate in Cambodia. But in my view, in the short term, the current trend of buying and selling for locals is usually limited to foreigners There were some failures, ”he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Chea Sophara, Minister of Land Management, Construction and Construction, said at a joint working meeting of 2019 And the 2020 Housing Development Association of Cambodia targets: “National economic growth is up 7.1%. Per annum and can be said real estate One of the areas that will boost the national economy in 2019 is the investment in the Kingdom US $ 11 billion in 2019, compared to $ 5.5 billion in 2018 It is up to 90%. ” Edited by: Sokhuk