Battambang Province: Officials Involved with a Personal Assistant of the Deputy Commissioner of the Criminal Commission of the Provincial Commissioner Gaming Location Owner
Games in Battambang City that pay monthly bribes will be summoned to the staff office in the near future. Command of the upper class. This is according to Mr. Ve Kimsim, the director of this office, who confirmed to Koh Santepheap by phone on the morning of July 30. Please note: Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner is committing crimes throughout the city

Mr. Wek Sim told Koh Santepheap that his office official was now making an invitation to Nuon Nureak, a police officer without It's no obligation to comment on the leaked story that the officer was forced to extort money from the owner. Games »in Battambang city. And this is the principle of the superior who ordered his office to act in accordance with the internal rules of the unit.

The head of the staff office confirmed that a number of other officials involved in the case were also invited to comment. Also. However, Mr. Lim Puthyla, Deputy Commissioner for Criminal Planning, who was also involved, was ordered by his superiors to write a personal statement. Enter the staff office without having to enter orally. Mr. We Kimsim added that he will take action in accordance with the internal regulations in accordance with the principles of the upper level from now on. .

Recall that more than a week ago, sources leaked a sensitive corruption case. And Mr. Lim Puthyla, Deputy Provincial Commissioner
Received the criminal plan after the Deputy Commissioner was transferred from the Military Police Unit to be the Deputy Commissioner for about 2 This past month. In this case, a person named Nuon Nurak, also known as Rak, who the Deputy Commissioner claims to be his personal assistant, was harassed. Illegal gambling sites to force owners to pay a monthly bribe.

Koh Santepheap has received a flurry of information from various sources who are unhappy with the arrogant actions of The shallow name, through intimidation, threatens the owners of gaming venues to pay a monthly bribe in accordance with their claims, claiming Take it and give it to the boss .. Not only that, Koh Santepheap even got a picture of that person, the source gave almost all the activities that this shallow name enters Lottery by game location. Some's owners say that at first Rak forced the's owner to pay $ 300 a month in one location, but then came down. At only $ 100 per month due to too tight negotiations.

During the negotiation, the shallow name boasted to the owner of the game venue that he was a police officer at the high-level office. But was denied by the head of the office, Mr. Oun Fay, immediately after the incident broke out. He confirmed that his office had no history of any officials extorting money from such gambling sites. He also did not have the name Nuon Nurak called this official in his office. But contrary to the refusal of Mr. Oun Fay, the director of the Office of Serious Brahma, Mr. Lim Puthyla, the Deputy Provincial Commissioner who just transferred from the unit. The Gendarmerie confirmed to Koh Santepheap that Nuon Nurak alias Raak had just transferred from the Gendarmerie to become a National Police Officer at the Battambang Provincial Commissioner. Mr. too.

The Deputy Commissioner also said that Nuon Nureak was properly included in the National Police Code by the Ministry of Interior to the Criminal Office. The level of the provincial commissioner, but due to the lack of roles and responsibilities, the commissioner has not yet officially announced. But now he has hired Nuon Nurak as his personal assistant to help drive the car and do other work. Also.
Regarding the case of Nuon Nurak, also known as Raak, who was bribed by the owner of the gambling place, the Deputy Commissioner denied that he Nuon Nurak was not allowed to walk around the gambling site to ask for money, he just ordered this personal assistant to list Report illegal gaming locations for easy management only.

Regarding Mr. Nuon Nurak, also known as Rak, according to Mr. Ve Kimsim, he told Koh Santepheap that the name Nuon Nureak is really Transferred from the Gendarmerie to the Battambang Provincial Commissioner, where he just received the police registration document Cheat recently, but this name does not have any role or duty in the provincial commissioner yet. When asked if Nuon Nurak had just transferred from the Gendarmerie to the Provincial Commissioner, there was no role or duty, but Mr. Lim Puthyla, Commissioner The deputy claimed that he used the name Nuon Nurak to help drive the car and as his personal assistant. Is it legal?

Mr. Ve Kimsim clarified that "based on the law or internal regulations of the unit is not correct because the law requires a declaration From the top right .. but this is an internal matter between the Deputy Commissioner and his unofficial assistant only .. It is not legal. ” According to provincial officials, Mr. Lim Puthyla and Mr. Nuon Nurak, alias Raak, used to be police officers. Later, Mr. Lim Puthyla transferred from his original unit to be the Deputy Commissioner for Criminal Planning of Battambang Province in his place. Brigadier General Chet Vanny, who was to be retired by the King at the end of August, was replaced by Mr. Lim Puthila took office early. But less than a few days after taking office, it appeared that the deputy commissioner was running to tow Nuon. This guard left the military police to come to the provincial commissioner with him to help explore the economy for himself.

The shallow name was first seen appearing in the provincial commissioner's office by driving for the deputy commissioner, but later the information was leaked. A picture of Nuon Nurak, also known as Raak, raided an illegal gaming site to demand that the site owner pay a monthly gift to his boss. Its. After the scandal broke a few days ago, the assistant's actions seemed to be quiet. But the source whispered that now the personal assistant, promoted by Deputy Commissioner Lim Puthyla, was silent. First.

Because the upper class is reacting strongly, but the assistant diverted the illegal work to another staff member to meet Spy with the owner of the gambling place quietly and that officer is also a police officer. The public and officials are waiting to see if the corruption case involving the provincial commissioner, the leadership of the General Commissioner What kind of action will the National Police take against those officials who violate the law or be embraced?