To drink a cup of crushed coffees with 24 carats of gold would cost $ 70, equivalent to selling 14 books or selling 2 sacks of rice.
Roasted Gold Coffee or Gold Cup Coffee is a popular six-star service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi today. After trying the coffee, someone whispered if you went to the room to tell.

Surrounded by deserts and seas, these two modern architecture cities attracted 16 million tourists in 2019.
So far, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, have been almost universally assumed to be made possible by oil resources, but realistically, oil revenues are only 10% while tourism can make up to 36%. That percentage.

The most unique and modern design and the Burj Khalifa (the highest one in the world), a car tour across the desert, a camel ride on the desert, watching women dancing, belly dancing, coffee, gold, and The flower garden of the girls is a reflection of the country's government and citizens, so that they can transform from rich to rich.

In the United Arab Emirates there are many strange things that I cannot describe on Facebook, but please note that as many as 80% of foreigners come to work in this country but only 20% of the native population Of the nearly 10 million people still "bosses", that means foreign investment is only 49% of the stock, while the UAE is the nominee for the company. And can represent such a company also said that "sit" money from the stock.

Men are fortunate to be able to take up to four wives but must have the time, money, and energy to share equally (ie, one or two equally). Men in Dubai say that you can have four wives unless you are poor.

Whereas women do not have more than one husband, but luckily the husband is the breadwinner, so in the markets on the street, the women are gone.

During my three-day mission here, I observed many Asians serving in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, mostly Filipinos and Vietnamese.
In particular, Cambodians who come to this country should not expect to buy clothes or accessories because most of the sales and distribution costs are for the rich unless they come on a mission or are paid. So friends, don't wait for a gift.