The clip, which is more than an hour long as Mr. Sokha demanded the broadcast, was released by the jury on Wednesday afternoon at the request of Mr. Kem Sokha. Significantly, all of the statements that Mr. Sokha made concerning the conspiracy with foreign countries, which the plaintiff has taken from the Australian Broadcasting Network CBN as proof, are contained in the clip without Missing any words. This implies that the short video clips taken from the entire clip are neither original nor reductive to distort the facts, as some have said. In fact, Mr. Sokha himself has admitted since the first day that he is a real figure and his voice. Now that the entire video clip that Mr. Sokha has submitted to the court, it is clear that the video clip of the plaintiff is completely and completely the same without any modification. This is one of the most important points in the process.

So, in my view, that clip doesn't help to put off Mr. Sokha. However, in contrast to Mr. Sokha's video clip, this is a strong evidence that the plaintiff's video was a true and unreasonable video. It could also become more and more evident to put more pressure on Kem Sokha. It also cleared up suspicions about the fact of the clip. Previously, some people were unaware that the video clip taken by the plaintiff as a reference to Mr. Kem Sokha was a trilogy. But now the balloon has opened and after the court has taken away Mr. Sokha's entire clip, which includes all his words spoken in the clip. Therefore, speculation surrounding whether the video was real or fictional is complete, without further debate, as both Mr. Sokha himself admitted in the
The video is really a picture of his voice and voice.

So, those of you who don't know the truth, please stop talking about the clutter because the verification is done and very transparent. In short, "both the audio and video images in Mr. Sokha's video clip and the plaintiff's video are 100% true and identical."

From now on, what we should all be looking forward to is whether Mr. Kem Sokha has brought the color revolution model in Yugoslavia and Serbia where he has learned and received foreign directives in Cambodia. However, is that what Mr. Sokha has said is consistent with the events that occurred before the election during the election? At and after the 2013 elections? This hearing will open the door for more details. The plaintiff's lawyer claims that there is a large body of evidence in the suit against Kem Sokha. Therefore, we should leave the matter to the trial court to continue the trial, especially against both Sokha, the accused and the defense, who must find evidence to justify the treason. But what I also noticed today, that
Significantly, as Mr. Sokha's "Foreign Correspondents' Trial" is being held in Phnom Penh, the US Senate is also conducting a hearing to remove President Donald Trump in connection with the allegations. The plot colluded with the president of Ukraine against his rival, Jeb Biden. This confirms that the treaty with foreign countries is a sensitive and universal issue that every country in the world, especially developed countries, is interested in. So, those who say that Kem Sokha's case is political, let's take a look at what's going on in the world before exposing Kem Sokha's case, and we should not draw the conclusion that This or that, because the case has been going through legal process. I understand that politics cannot be covered up in criminal matters. Also, politicians cannot avoid legal issues because of their status. But the important thing is to stand before the court and let the court take legal action without anyone being able to pressure or order the court, especially after the video is released on his demand. Kem Sokha presented an indisputable fact: the cover balloon is, “These two videos are one step and four! " By: Politics Monitor Coffee Table

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