Through the course of this past week, I have observed that the trial of "peace with foreign" or "Sokha's treason" case was smooth and transparent, making it relevant to all parties involved. Yes, although some opinions are different. Why do I dare to claim such a smooth and transparent hearing? The following are a number of practical reasons:

Firstly, the hearing was open to national and international observers as well as journalists, including foreign embassies, representatives of national and international civil society, political parties and journalists. All trends are allowed in the courtroom for direct observation, even if the white room This narrow.

Secondly, there are evaluations by all such observers, including politicians and civil society groups supporting the opposition, that the trial was conducted in a smooth and orderly manner and acceptable to the Council. The fullness and availability of the Defendants 'and their Defendants' lawyers has been widely elucidated.

It is also worth noting that the lawyer representing the government, Ky Tech, also complained to the media that the court had restricted the freedom of the plaintiffs' lawyers and granted them much more rights. Defendants' defendants and the courtroom observers all made the same remark.

Fourthly, the proceedings have been conducted in the Cambodian courts in accordance with the procedures laid down in Cambodian law in full on "peace with foreigners" committed by the accused Sokha.

Fifthly, Mr. Sokha, the accused, also participated in the trial, which made the proceedings fully in accordance with the entire legal process without controversy. The rest of the trial hearings were lively and lively.

Of course, the trial in the case of the "peace with foreign" accused of the accused Sokha is lively, with each side trying to find the burden of proof and indictment, each of which appeals to the observers and observers. Pay close attention to this Chamber.

It can be said that this is a trial in which the court proceedings are conducted in a strict manner and on the basis of national law that is acceptable to all parties.

The openness and transparency of the court as well as the application of the national legal base, while the proceedings in the court of Cambodia, with all parties involved actively … all of which can prove the maturity of The Cambodian judiciary as well as the senior politicians and other stakeholders in the criminal justice process. And it reflects

The strength of Khmer sovereignty, which is moving towards independence from foreign dependence on all fields, whether justice, economic or social, is that Cambodia can stand on its own feet and survive on its own. Self-reliance is not a poor country that relies entirely on foreign countries as before.

Cambodia in the 21st Century has shown tremendous strength and proud steps forward.

On the economic front, Cambodia has billions of dollars in savings in the national treasury. On the social front, Cambodia has been strengthening social security guarantees to civil servants, workers, workers and the armed forces as they benefit more while serving and retiring. On the justice sector, Cambodia is also undergoing significant reforms to ensure that all citizens receive equal access to justice and equal protection of the law. In fact, the case of Kem Sokha, which has been entering its third week, is an example.

I think that in order to build a sustainable country, one needs to rely on building the foundation of national sovereignty and territorial integrity as a priority because if a nation's leaders cannot maintain their national sovereignty, they cannot It is free from foreign influence. And yielding to foreign influence by refusing to turn back is the biggest mistake of any leader or politician.

In this regard, I strongly support the leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has been on the right track through absolute commitment to safeguard peace at any cost, and especially his commitment. The unwavering commitment to upholding national sovereignty through the slogan "Absolutely not take national sovereignty with foreign aid" Forest.

To sum up, the case of Kem Sokha is a subject that really reflects a great deal of conditions for Cambodia, including the protection of peace and the strengthening of national sovereignty and economy while the social and justice sectors are in the right. Steadily strengthened.

In general, Cambodia is now proving to be self-reliant in all areas, no longer dependent on foreign aid. But cooperation in partnership with all friendly countries continues to be on an equal footing. By contrast, foreign policy and referentialism are outdated and unacceptable to the people.