On a five-day tour that departs from 16th and returns on January 22nd to the most imaginative lands of the world, the winner of a tour of the UK is organized. Cambodia Brewery has experienced a great deal of envy, not less.

According to a representative of Cambodia Brewery, which is leading the tour to the UK, “In addition to visiting Manchester, we all headed the team to Liverpool and Go to the World Cup and find out how to play football directly from the coaches of Manchester City.

"Today we will take the 38 winners to Buckingham Palace, the Museum of Arts and Antiquities. Afterwards, we will take a boat ride along the River Thames and the London Bridge and other famous places.

Beer Cambodia has already made three trips to the UK. The company also found a number of seasoned tour winners. Beer Cambodia also encourages customers to continue to support Cambodia Beer and check cans at every opportunity to win tours and other prizes.
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