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Kandal province: Kovite 19 affects a great deal of non-discriminatory occupations for the price of rats in the Kandal market There used to be a high price, no matter how much it was never sold, but now it is depressing because there are few. Eat as before, even at markets on the Vietnamese border . According to a salesman in the mouse business, Koh Sicht yesterday.

Uncle Nget, a farmer and rat farmer, in Prek Chum village, Prek salt commune, Saang district, Kandal province, said that during that time Since the outbreak of Kovirov 19, the price of used mice has been declining, and mouse exposure. It is not the same. He said that now I can not earn enough to earn even less. He said that if the mouse was clean and sold in the nearby market for 2 or 30,000 Riels.

Rats are now cheaper and I have less time to plant. Now, the price of the mouse has dropped to 7,000 per kilo, putting only one, he said. Only 3 to 4 kilos or more, little more, more expensive, and not much.
He added that not only was this out of the case of cowboy virus 19, there was another virus called the virus in the country China also made people who used to eat rat meat afraid to stop eating.

He said that cowboy's disease 19 and the virus has made mice cheap because in the past, mice were expensive. Km for more than 10,000 riel (Done) per day for 5 to 60,000 Riel or more, but after The disease came out and did not eat the mouse for a while, and was too lazy to find it, according to another sales mouse. Another said that mice that are available and sold in the village and the nearest market. You used to buy in Vietnam and have stopped buying. The mouse, he says, was approached by using a device for about 100 to 1,500 switches purchased from Vietnam. It has been sold by a Vietnamese mouse to Vietnam for 1,000 riel.

He said that sometimes the mouse is sold to a shopkeeper who sells the buffalo for sale to Vietnam. Now the mouse goes down, he sells the rest, and he stops buying. Now, customers from Vietnam say they are selling out as before, and they stop for a while because the ice cream shop is closed. He also said the rats sold to Vietnam's Mice were living rats per kilo for between $ 7,000 and $ 10,000. 2,000 riel, which is considered high value. According to the uncle, there are many rats in the village, but the mouse is cheap and difficult to sell. As before, only now all of a sudden falls.

An aunt, who asked not to be named, said her husband had been bed-ridden all night, getting up early in the morning Evening visit once and continue until bright again to sell mouse for sale 5 days a day. To 6k, and sometimes more. Aunt says rats are now cheaper than ever because consumers fear cowboy's disease They are said to come from mice. He moaned that the business was out of business, and that had been the case since Agovid's attack.

However, those who bought the village mouse said that the rats are now selling less well, despite the decline. More than ever. People who used to eat mice were afraid of the disease from mice. Please note that rats are eaten by many people, such as roasted amber or rye. Other soups, soups, and other foods such as turmeric and pinwheels are very popular.