Ratanakiri: Ratanakkiri Provincial Administration Launches Large-Scale Disinfection Campaign in Banlung Towns and Vulnerable Areas to Prevent and Prevent The condition of Kovid 19 infection has not improved.

Ratanakkiri provincial information director Kol Phanna told the Post that provincial authorities had partnered with private company Angkor Green to develop the technology for the shooting. Antibiotics from June 27 until the condition of Kovid 19 infection is relieved.

He said that the spraying campaign will start on public streets, markets, departments and units in Balong, then continue in Villages, communes and districts at risk.

"Because of Banlung, the number of 19 cases of Kovid is higher than in other districts, and most of our Kovid patients are infected," he said. To be treated in Banlung city and the border of Choeng province, the main goal first is the city, then will continue to do in the district.

Mr. Phanna said that in addition to the disinfection campaign, the provincial administration has also put in place measures to prevent community outbreaks, such as blocking the area. With 19 Kovid crossings and the construction of a crematorium.

"Obviously, the provincial leaders have initiated the idea of ​​building a cemetery for the victims of Kovid 19 in Kon Mom district," he said. Far from the city for the benefit of you in the future, but because we are a solid construction, the construction is not done yet. "Temporarily, we cremate the bodies at the pagoda in accordance with medical measures."

He said that as of June 26, a total of 364 positive Kovid 19 patients had been cured, 22 had died and the number of deaths due to disease. This is 2 people.