Battambang: A chicken farmer in Banan district "Hybrid chickens make survival time worthwhile and have a lot of fans," he said. .

Tia Vuth, owner of a chicken farm in Ban Saluteal village, Banheal commune, Banan district, said he started raising hybrids. Since 2019 on more than one hectare of hybrids, this hybrid chicken has to breed with hens from overseas (two chickens). Nations). Feed him twice daily, including water for 24 hours and vitamin supplements Also vaccines. Initially, he raised only 1,000 but with more market demand, he has raised the number to 5000 to 10,000 to date. He feeds 30,000 animals and the project will grow to hundreds of thousands more.

He said that while the world, as well as Cambodia, has been infected with the disease 19. The problem is that market demand is falling and prices are falling. This Kov 19 issue stopped some feeders, which gave him the opportunity to supplement his growing diet.

A Japanese man, Khazakima Samoto, a partner in hybrid chicken farming with Ravuth, said.
Hybrid breeding is now aimed at helping the region develop as well as provide employment opportunities for local people Also.

It is worth noting that this farm is not only breeding chickens, but also hundreds of cows. The farm also creates jobs for local people, gets a job and gets paid from 1 million riels to More than 1 million Riels by: Ung Sarom