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Kandal province: Son dies after mother asks for wheelchair crash The father destroyed the property in the house. The son's son was arrested by authorities on the afternoon of May 3, 2020 in the village of Canal commune, Boeung Snay district, Kandal River, Kandal Province.

The three victims were the first – Soam Chenda, 51, a mother, living in Canal Village, Boeung Snay Commune, District Kandal Stung, Kandal Province, 2nd Farmer – Mr. Pok Sarin male, 52 years old, father 3 60 years old, neighbor. The suspect, named Dara, a 21-year-old male, had a false business.

Authorities said that before the incident, the son collapsed in front of the house when he was injured The mother asked about the tire, and then she slammed a hole in her head, causing it to pop in and the mother moved. He hid in a neighbor's house.

The son then hit his father's head, causing a flow of blood and vandalizing the home. Apparently, the man ran into his neighbor, Sam Sovanary, with an ax in his hand. . Suddenly, he knocked on the kitchen door, knocking on the door and knocking on the door in front of the elderly woman's owner. Post mortem, facial injuries and head trauma after bleeding.

The victim was taken to Boeung Snail Health Center for treatment. After receiving a complaint, the Beoung Snake police station police officer arrived at the scene and arrested the villager. Visit the district police department to take action.