A resident of Sotip commune, Cheung Prey district, Kampong Cham province, Nim Nith has been the 26th lucky winner since the beginning of 2020, who has been rewarded with a prize from the Cambodian Beer Bottle 50 million riel on May 26 recently.

“I bought one and a half cups of Cambodian beer, and then the 12 th can also win such a big prize. Neither I nor my friends believed that I could have such a huge fortune. Where ever we have seen it, we have won when it is our turn.

Nim said: "This large amount of money, I never really thought of coming so easily, so I'm going to take some of the money to prepare a home-based ceremony. The priest came to receive the offerings and invited the neighbors for a celebration together. The other part, I will be building the walls and laying the floor below just to withstand the rain that has been wet for years. ”

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