Phnom Penh: Settlement company QHR Solutions For Singapore's leading cloud-base human resource management, now in Cambodia. According to a statement issued by QHR Solutions on June 5, 2020.

Last February, Enable Business Pte. Ltd. Launched a business in Phnom Penh using its trademark, QHR Solutions, to help companies overcome the problem. Today's challenge lies in managing technology and talent candidates, with many companies now in the business landscape There is such unprecedented variation. The company brings software, a comprehensive human resource management (HRM) software, from scratch. From start to finish, running on a cloud-base system to deliver powerful and efficient human resources solutions. Best with a fair price for developing countries like Cambodia.

This comprehensive HR management software developed to support human resources with a focus on Use less paper, but manage large amounts of human resources effectively. The software offers an intuitive interface, a performance enhancement module available. Cost effective that you can get things done in a matter of minutes in just a few minutes.

QHR is a software application that has received a lot of welcome from users and has won numerous awards, including awards. Best Applicant Tracking Software-Silver Award 2019 Human Resource Creation Company New Best (Gold Award 2018) (Best HR Start-up Company-Gold Award 2018) and 2018 Human Resource Consultant Case Award (Human Resource Consulting Case Study of the Year 2018).

Not unlike many other countries, Cambodia's past remarkable economic growth has slowed down due to Ivory Coast. -19. Most companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have suffered the most and must work hard to overcome the current situation. Get this. Some employers have tried to adapt to the situation by reducing their staffing or salaries to a certain percentage Leave employees without extra pay, while the worst-hit companies are forced to close their businesses. All at once. For companies that can continue their business through the use of remote working methods, these challenges continue Increasingly, this could be exacerbated by this great global crisis that not all of us can Predictable.

The strong support and initiative of the Royal Government of Cambodia in promoting digitalization in the country is the key to getting started. Raise awareness and then reach for the creation of an integrated ecosystem that is inclusive and designed to encourage all stakeholders Instead, join in the digital convergence instead. This is why QHR Solutions comes in to provide their expertise, and when companies use our services, these solutions will Clearly playing a key role in achieving the goals and implementation of the digital transformation above. Therefore, the company will leave a powerful influence on the reform of the human resource management sector in Cambodia.

QHR Solutions offers a wide range of features that are ideal for companies to automate and manage their HR processes. Digital system. These include many functions that can be tailored to the internal context to help increase the ability of the company to manage its employees But highly effective, easy-to-use, easy-to-use staffing app for mobile applications, automated payroll management, paid leave Access security through technology, face recognition and GPS, real-time documentation, functionality, including software, accounting, and learning modules; and Highly efficient integrated integrated development.

With a team of highly skilled professionals for solving difficult problems, QHR Solutions has put together a QHR COVID-19 software package designed for the genre. Companies of all sizes manage their operations quickly and easily. Workforce Management helps companies easily track and manage their employees with productivity tools such as legal functions. E-leave The e-claims function monitors presence by face recognition technology as well
Also smart announcement function. This program will improve business performance and assist companies in their adaptation and adaptation readiness. To the future working context effectively.

“Digital QHR Solutions is a cloud-based human resources management system,” said Victor La, country director of QHR Solutions. Many functions are tailored to the specific needs of the company and easy to use. Ivory-19 has shown us that human resources have become a top priority in every company. Digitization of HR is not only a good thing to have, but it is The most important thing that must be done must be for every company to come up with an integrated HR system Be ready to face any future challenges. Our goal is to bring the best possible HR management approach that originates from
ASEAN's largest digital economy to help accelerate growth in Cambodia by allowing People use technology and empower young workers in Cambodia. Our team is really excited and very committed to working with various sectors to provide management systems. Highly efficient human resource management company. ”

Lastly, Mr. La said, “Cambodia is in the midst of significant growth in the upcoming 5G network country Very soon there will be a basis for promoting digitalization by increasing productivity and trade through digital infrastructure. Digital cloud-based services like ours will help empower Cambodia's young workforce to lead new business forces. Industrial era 4.0. Combining all of these with strategic partnerships is to create a strong digital ecosystem. These are important factors in achieving this goal to bring benefits to Cambodia as well as to the Cambodian people Overall, ”he said.

Because most companies affected by the epidemic are preparing to resume operations after the death of Kov-19 This is the best time for the company to secure its future and leverage its cloud-based human resources management system. base) is the first integrated in Cambodia.

QHR Solutions (Cambodia) is a company founded by the company
Enable Business Pte Ltd (UEN 201324947N) with 3 main focus areas: stability, security and service. The company was founded in 2013 to meet the needs and growth of companies that need software ) Specializing in HR management and special service needs in line with their respective fields. Our team of professionals consists of master level professionals and many technology professionals. Their specialty is their commitment to creating the highest quality service and industry-specific solutions.

By: Kolab