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Battambang: The traffic force of the provincial police chief seems to have grown in stature
In Pursuit of Heavy Trucks Overflow in Battambang City in recent days, breach of the banner after the professional office force has been severely criticized and never stopped. Stand out from the public about inaction in enforcing traffic laws.

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The pursuit of a city-wide ambulance violates the banner, and the police force continued its work on July 3, chaired by Chan Sothy, director of the provincial land traffic office, to bring the contract. Mr. Chan Sothy said that over time, many heavy vehicles had actually entered the city in violation of the banner, but we had been caught in the act of doing so repeatedly. And there are still some cars that ignore it and carry bulky goods if they enter the city anarchy.

There have also been bans on the prohibition of heavy trucks entering the city and the city. According to the Directive of the Provincial Authorities, the circular was created several years ago by the Provincial Command, headed by the provincial governor. It is not permitted for heavy vehicles to wear "3-headers" to enter cities or towns and to require specialists to place banned signs in the streets. The circular was also handed over to the Road Traffic Officer.

However, it was observed that the directive only took a breath and then triggered a series of scandals through corruption, bribery and bribery in exchange for allowing a minivan. The giants carried the goods into the city in secret action, and the culture of the oppressive communism remains to this day. While the governor, as the head of the provincial unit's command committee on the directive, has never seen a reaction to the unusual activities of law enforcement officials, despite seeing a car. These traffic laws violate the banner of traffic throughout the city.

When it comes to operating illegal cars now, according to some enforcement officials, they complained, “They find it extremely difficult when they enter the city illegally. Quickly. They said, "The difficult thing is the chief of the bureau to order the arrest, but the deputy traffic controller is the interventionist ordering the release….

However, after a number of critics attacked through social media about the inactivity of traffic officers, it is now seen that Chan Sothy appears to have made a desperate effort to catch the giant car. The sign prohibits entry into the city. Chan Sothy Hak acknowledged that bulky trucks and heavy trucks (trucks) are real
He was raided by the city when the officer forgot, but now the traffic is done.

Smaller officials, however, have claimed that the last major traffic break into the city has seen no intervention by the deputy traffic controller. That is, silence.