Oddar Meanchey Province: Social Network Disputes Its OfficialsOddar Meanchey Provincial Public Works Department, which has created a new business in its own department, runs more than 10 people applying for jobs. Within the civil service, the department collected more than $ 100,000 and closed the escape soap.

The source claimed that an officer in the public works department, named Im Aun, a deputy director of the Oddar Meanchey Provincial Public Works Department, had collected more money than anyone Thousands of dollars from the victims of the 12 students, a new batch of students, was arrested last year for living in Banteay Meanchey's Banteay Samrong district. Put words into the authorities $ 6,500 in advance and prepaid per application forms submitted to the Ministry of Public Works and requested the name of the framework Submitters to this ministry will be announced in February 2012.

The source said that Mr. Onn had a birthplace in Doung Leak village, Duong commune, Staung district, Kampong Thom province. Currently, one month of lost or stolen time in the work place in the hospital also did not see the phone and no incoming phone calls.

In this regard, Ouk Odom, Director of the Provincial Public Works Department, said on January 20 that he recognized Im Oun as an official. In the public service department, but as far as the recruitment of outside officials is concerned, he did not know. That is, but if the officer is acting contrary to the principle Punished according to the law officers. Royal: intellectual force majeure