Kampong Cham Province: According to the press release on July 24 The Prudential Foundation, Prudential Community Development Partners in Asia and Africa, announced today that The fund will expand its financial education program for Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids to Kampong Cham.

The announcement comes after the Prudential Foundation partnered with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports last year to implement the Cha-Ching program. Expanded over the next three years in Cambodia.

In August 2017, the Prudential Foundation also partnered with the Children's Rights Foundation to pilot the Chaching Education Program, helping to develop lesson plans. And training courses for teachers to help teach students important financial management skills. As the Kovid 19 virus outbreak forced all schools to close, the full implementation of the Chaching Program, including classroom activities Studying in Phnom Penh, Kandal and Kampong Cham will be postponed until the government officially announces the reopening of schools.

Meanwhile, teachers at the target schools can find their own training and educational programs through the video made by Rights Foundation. Children.

Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids is an award-winning financial education program for children ages 7 to 12. The program teaches children the basic skills of cash management and to become financially responsible. The show features six animated characters in a band that promotes four financial foundations, including fundraising. Save money, spend money and donate through many interesting songs.

Ms. Seang Leakena, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at Prudential Cambodia, said that she was very proud of her achievements. The Cha Ching program has achieved in the past, including expanding the scope of the program to reach thousands of children across Cambodia.

She said: "After the successful implementation of Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids in Phnom Penh and Kandal, we really We are pleased to extend the scope of this program to Kampong Cham. We are confident that children in Kampong Cham will be inspired by this financial education program and become responsible. Finance. With the support of key stakeholders and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, we will continue to expand this program to promote children's attitudes and raise awareness. They are more on basic financial management. ”

Child Rights Foundation Executive Director Kong Marady talks about the benefits of the program and how it encourages parental involvement. And their children.

She said: “Through the Chaching program, I truly believe that Cambodian children will gain life skills. A great way to involve children and families in their daily lives in using and managing their budgets wisely. I hope that the team and the target school will continue to be more actively involved in making this program a positive result. As expected in the project. We would like to thank the Prudential Foundation and Prudential Cambodia for their technical and financial support in implementing the program. This is in Cambodia. ”

About Cha-Ching Program

The Cha-Ching Program is an initiative of the Prudential Foundation, a community development partner of Prudential Asia and Africa. . In partnership with Cartoon Network, Asia-Pacific's leading children's television channel, and Dr. Alice Wilder, an education expert. And Emmy-award winning child psychology. The program uses a method of teaching children through engaging and engaging songs. Children's level to master the four main financial management concepts is to earn money, save and donate. Cha-Ching is a 3-minute animated video for children aged 7 to 12 in 10 languages ​​and reaching 34 million families. Watch every day through Cartoon Network.

Established in partnership with Junior Achievement, the Cha-Ching curriculum has been providing lesson structures to teachers since 2016. More than 10,000 teachers are trained to provide curriculum across eight markets in Asia and Africa.

The Cha-ching website (www.cha-ching.com) has additional online materials and activities based on the actual situation of Manage real money for children, parents and teachers.

About the Prudential Foundation
The Prudential Foundation is a Prudential Community Development Fund in Asia and Africa. The mission of the Foundation is to ensure the future of the community by promoting education, health and safety. The fund implements some of Prudential's regional programs as well as marketing programs in collaboration with NGOs, the government and the private sector. To increase the positive impact of their efforts. The Prudential Foundation leverages Prudential's long-term vision and business geography to make those communities safer and more secure. More durable. The foundation is a Hong Kong-registered charity.

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