Phnom Penh (March 12) – Prudential Cambodia, one of the leading life insurance companies in Cambodia Announced today that it will provide additional benefits to its customers in the event of an untoward case of a new coronavirus or a retroviral 19 The first outbreak in China in January and now spreading around the world.

Prudential Cambodia will offer an additional $ 2000 benefit in addition to the existing insurance package in case of an unfortunate event that you Deaths from the disease were confirmed on or before April 30, 2020. This additional benefit will be available to all Prudential's clients, both old and new, as their insurance policy still exists. Validity. This offer does not require any additional premiums.

Providing this additional benefit demonstrates the commitment to the protection of the welfare of all citizens throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia. Prudential Leads in Responding to Public Health Problems Caused by Kovirus 19 in Its Asian Market By providing more benefits to its customers, such as in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore Thailand Island Taiwan and Vietnam.

“Prudential's main position is to be a key part of our business,” said Hung Vuthy, Prudential Cambodia Director of Consumer and Marketing. Always protect and improve the well-being of all Cambodian families. We work closely with the Ministry of Economy and Finance to provide these additional benefits to existing and new clients Cambodia. »

Vuthy added: “We will continue to encourage people all over the country to follow the WHO's preventative guidelines for Anticoagulants 19 include frequent hand washing, staying home if not feeling well, and eating or eating properly cooked meat. We also provide regular updates and updates on our social networks and websites aimed at protecting all Cambodians against the virus. This. »

As of March 12, 2020, Cambodia has identified five new strains of the coronavirus, or 19 viruses. By: CEN