Phnom Penh: March 03, 2020 – About 80 entrepreneurs and business owners Join the forum to lead business owners to success in retaining outstanding employees to learn new ways to encourage their employees to do the job Be more active and give their skills to work effectively in the business. The forum was held on Saturday, February 29 by Prudential Cambodia in partnership with Aplus Consulting and ODI Asia.

The PRUiSME Business Forum is designed to share Prudential's human resources management experience and aims to enhance Encouraging SMEs in Cambodia to grow their business and retain outstanding employees in their institutions.

The forum also introduced new methods such as improving employee relations, salary or wages and incentives for training and staff development. As well as some significant HR challenges that may affect business performance.

During the workshop, Mrs. Hout Sunny, Head of Human Resources of Prudential Cambodia highly appreciated staff motivation and Contacts at work.

"The relationship between staff and management plays an important role in growing the company," she said. Taking the time to understand each employee's preferences and integrate them into the company's objectives can help build a team One with solidarity and high commitment to grow the business. ”

Vanda Dina, a participant and owner of Northern Dragon Trading Company, shared her experiences attending the forum.

"I am glad to have the opportunity to attend this business forum," she said. As a business owner, I learned a lot from the staff attitude as well as how and how that helped me evaluate performance. Staff and motivate them to enjoy more work. ”

The Honorary Speaker, Ms. Sem Savvy, Head of Human Resources, ODI Asia Managing human resources that can help entrepreneurs benefit from their businesses more. I have been to HR management forums before, but I found the PRUiSME Business Forum sponsored by Prudential Etc are very interesting. Today, our participants are energetic and want to learn more. ”

Speaking at the forum, CEO of Aplus Consulting said: “One of the important things that business owners need to understand before hiring. The level of their experience, for example, how they have worked in the past … there are many young candidates Who like to enjoy their way of life So you have to find strategies when you choose them. ”

Prudential Cambodia is committed to helping SMEs in Cambodia succeed by providing products. The best life insurance to meet their health and financial protection needs. The PRUiSME forum marks the beginning of many collaborations between Prudential Cambodia and SMEs in the future. .

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