Phnom Penh: June 15, 2020 One of the major missions of our Cambodian family is to keep it financially soundSafety and preparedness for the protection against any risk, including emergencies, as well as for any accidental events that may occur Our lives. Fully aware of this heavy duty, Prudential Cambodia, a life insurance company, has decided to launch its own insurance product Will make a significant contribution to both health and financial protection needs.

Prudential Cambodia Insurance will be the first insurance package in Cambodia offering financial risk protection. 50 serious disease-related objects, including cancer, heart attack, stroke and complications Two diabetes-related illnesses, as we know them, affect our family's financial plans and the future of their children. We are in great trouble if we do not plan ahead.

For this insurance product, Prudential Cambodia fully understands the needs of its customers, with the company designing the product. 2 Products that each package will offer according to different needs of the customer.

The first package of insurance products, called PRU My Baby's Future, is suitable for clients who need family financial planning And the future of quality education for their children and help them secure their future knowing that insurance benefits Will pay for medical expenses if they experience serious illness.

“Every one of us has to get it right,” said Hung Vuthy, director of marketing and distribution partner of Prudential Cambodia. Decide on many difficult issues every day, but no one should be required to choose how much money to pay for medical treatment Or leave it for their children to provide a good education. Now with our Prudential Cambodia Package, our people can be assured that they will have a budget to support their families. And their children's future in difficult times, whether due to accident or serious illness to which the head of the family may fall ill. "

Another insurance product package, called PRU Property I, is suitable for older families and business owners, and this insurance package includes Business Support Benefits If a key person, like a business owner or a business executive dies or falls ill in one of the diseases, All 50 serious cases are insured.

“Throughout the country, the people of Cambodia have worked hard to create and run a successful business and they He didn't really want their efforts to be wasted by any unfortunate events, so planning ahead It can be assured that their business will continue to suffer even if the shareholder or stakeholder is seriously injured by PRU Property The burden to pay for medical care in this difficult time. ”

Cambodians can buy both insurance products from June 15 onwards to get the appropriate protection In line with your family's health and financial needs, you can consult with Prudential Cambodia financial advisors at any branch office. ACLEDA Bank nationwide or by registering at this link, Prudential Cambodia will contact you. Back to you for more details. By: CEN