Battambang: Many stone pillars thrown in Popal Khe village, Chrey commune, Thmor Koul district in the province have been removed after an order from the governor Battambang Provincial Police Chief Nguon Ratanak as Citizens Allege that the authorities have erected border posts on possible public roads Harm to passengers.

But Battambang deputy governor Chhay Martinal, the accused, told local authorities that he had set up a post only in Only your land, not on public roads.

Regarding this case, Battambang provincial governor Nguon Rattanak told the Post today that after receiving controversial news He has assigned a team to remove temporary border posts and conduct further research, despite the deputy governor. The province claims to have set up posts in its own land.

"Now we remove the pole, even though he claims it is his land, lest his people ride motorcycles at night," he said. Dangerous, so I was asked to withdraw last night (February 16) and the team is researching on the border. This is to investigate and is doing research in the district.

Battambang Provincial Information Department Director Sous Sopheak told the Post that after criticism and reactions from the people. Residents living in the border post have been removed to make it easier for people to travel again. .

He said: "I saw that the pole was removed because it was dangerous for his family to remove the pole, in fact he He set up a post on his land (his mother), but when he made his way beyond his boundary, he set up three pillars. That width is about 8 meters long.

When asked if the road was being expanded by the state or by a private company, Sous Sopheak replied: “I have not. Obviously, on the other side, most of the private companies set up apartment construction, so he widened the road to fit together. From birth to sunset, when it expands to where it lands, it touches its land. ”

The Post has not yet commented on the allegations. No, not at all.

Popal Khe village chief, Mr. Sun Set, said that the road was previously narrow, but then the authorities cooperated with the charity. It has been widened to 8 meters to make it easier for people to travel.

Suddenly, on the evening of February 11, 2021, Mr. Chhay Martinal ordered a stone pillar to be dug into the planting soil. The road land is almost 3 meters, he claims that the construction of the road above is his land.

He continued: "I am very happy to build this road from the west to the people donate (food) together when At this point (the land of the Deputy Governor of Battambang Province), he (Chhay Martinal) called the cadastre to measure and said that his land post was just that ( In the middle of the road) So I represent the people who are not happy and ask the Samdech and the authorities to help find a solution This road is good because I'm glad to see this big road because I used to walk through the water through the mud This.

Battambang Provincial Adhoc Human Rights Coordinating Officer Yin Mengly said on behalf of the authorities One should settle peacefully through the law, should not go to the border post in the middle of the public road as a model Bad.

"If there is a problem, we will resolve it legally, but we, the authorities, do it as an example," he said. It is not good for the people who see this, the next day he can do the same, he said the day before saw the authorities do that I do the same. "So we want to file a complaint for compensation because the country has the law, because he is the authority, the law enforcer. If you do not implement this law, it is a bad example and I am very sorry to see the authorities do this. "