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Siem Reap Provincial Court on Wednesday, June 17, 2020, Provincial Governor Pao Piseth, Deputy Governor of the province, Mr. Tep Piseth, governor The Governor of Siem Reap Provincial Governor visited the online learning and teaching activities at Angkor High School in Siem Reap.

Peou Piseth, Provincial Deputy Governor visits an e-learning and distance learning program at Angkor High School in Siem Reap Granted, the education program can still function smoothly, though the school is temporarily closed in the interim conditions. By the disease Kov-19. During the 13th ordinary meeting, the governor also emphasized on education issues and advised the Provincial Department of Education, Youth and Sport Regularly monitor online tutoring staff to prevent declining quality of education.

While the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has temporarily closed the ministry, it has done its best to improve the quality of education from Distance and electronically produce digital content, both online and on television Facilitate students in both urban and rural areas to ensure that education programs are equitable and inclusive. In addition to the efforts of the Ministry of Education under the guidance of the Royal Government of Cambodia, there is also the support from the partners ៕ Photograph: supplied