Koh Kong Provincial Director of Koh Kong Provincial Health Department said that after testing positive results from Institut Pasteur du Cambodge positive, a 19-year-old Muslim man was found in a trance village in Koh Trach village. Trapeang Koh commune, Dang Tung commune, Kampot province, to spread the word about Islam at the church Koh Kong province After tests on pasteurizing the virus, 19 hospital staff took him to a room in the provincial hospital for treatment and to investigate the case and arrange a preventative measure. Keep growing.

He added that the test was three, but the results from the Pasteur Institute were unique, and two men were unaccounted for by doctors. He stayed in the room of the mosque in the temple, not allowing him to go anywhere.

He added that for the three Muslim men, we had a proper accommodation with religious food, soap and proper medicines, without difficulty, and advised him not to worry about health. And under her care he cared.

With the indication from the Royal Government of the Ministry of Health, he added that all provincial health department officials would be calling on all officials to cooperate and immediately inform the health department or hospital. Referrals or Health Centers if any of the citizens are concerned about their health.

He stated that the most worrying thing was the Muslims, because the three Muslim men, he was preaching in the church, had a lot of church meetings.

But it is important that you protect yourself from any health problems. If something changes in your body, you need to come to the hospital for a checkup for the 19 polio virus – it is happening in all countries of the world and not just Cambodia.

He said that within days, the health department had sprayed the virus to prevent the spread of the virus.