Takeo at the Takeo Youth and Sports Conference this weekend Takeo Provincial Governor Moul Vichet urged teachers to have a study abroad program or a model school goal to find out about their work. The leadership and development of the organization are being implemented to improve and improve its organization because of its development. Over-the-counter and advanced overseas development is on the rise Development, so we can not use that.

The deputy governor of the province, therefore, said that a strong nation is a country rich in human resources so that Our country, like so many other countries around the world, teachers must pay close attention to research. Add to that the training of the next generation of students Bamboo and the successor of a number of work to help our nation's society to become more prosperous in the future. Growth.
At the end of the conference, the Youth and Sports Department of Ta Keo Provincial Education Department also provided a school award Provinces throughout the country will recommend to schools that do not do well to earn more school credits. By: Takeo