Takeo Provincial Deputy Governor Khan Sokha urged youThe municipal government and the relevant authorities must provide quick information on any disaster that may occur in the country. Its location to make it easier to assist the state in a timely manner, not to be delayed or delayed That's it.

Speaking at the invitation to attend the data gathering for the 2020 provincial disaster preparedness plan in the hall Provincial Planning and Investment Meeting on February 24, 2020, Mr. Khan Sokha, Deputy Governor of Ta Keo Province and Vice Chairman of the Committee All provinces were disastrous The negative effect of climate change on the effects of natural disasters, such as overheating, drought and flooding, is said. And now, our country is reeling from the effects of the epidemic (El Ni ណូo) that has caused the drought. In some provinces, the number of Cambodian crops is increasing Your brother has a shortage of water to irrigate his crops.

Deputy Governor of the province of Tata Keo added that as a response and calm mechanism, we as authorities The base is to co-operate with relevant institutions, partner organizations and disseminate pre-requisite measures such as water conservation, less water intensive farming techniques. And a VACC vaccination, if any Whenever possible, local officials must promptly provide information and reports to provincial authorities or the Secretariat Disaster Relief Easily Help Them Make Time To Help Reduce Your Financial Crisis Also, by: Takeo