Svay Rieng Province: Mr. Tiny Polivar, Deputy Governor of Svay Rieng Province, and Mr. Peng Nil The morning of February 4, 2020, in cooperation with Provincial Department of Commerce brought down the laboratory Examine Foods at Hun Sen Provincial School and Svay Rieng Lower Secondary School to test for Kmiku students Ten people were in a coma Breath last time recent springs.

As a result, after the implementation of the work, professional officials made a total of 32 deals, which were found, he said. Prohibited items in Dessert, Borax, and Chrax desserts are available, and specialists It was determined that the items were seized and stored for demolition Lol later and advised you to stop selling these two products because they are affecting the gastrointestinal tract very seriously. While the students were eating.

Mr. Phen Nil appealed to all students to be careful about eating food and check the schedule. Clearly, before buying and eating in order to participate in all of your well-being, Camel County officials will continue to inspect Shop at all schools and markets in Swaziland A. After adding others as well.

Mr. Little Paulo urged students to study hard to stay away from all kinds of drugs and to take care of health, reduce visibility. Phones and Do Not Use Weight Loss Products That May Contribute to Health and Check Food Nutrition Labels Be careful not to eat unfamiliar foods In particular, two snacks were found which were found by CamControl officers. Teachers, teachers, should lead the students in cleaning the premises well, while the seller is careful to sell food. Also to students.

It should be noted that on January 21, 2020, students at the Upper Secondary School were in serious condition. Six breathing and fainting (all 6 women) and four Hun Sen students were unwell.

On January 30, 2020, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, HE Hang Chuon Naron, issued a Prakas to all Youth and Sports Departments. Efforts to improve student health at school sites.

The minister said that in recent years, the ministry has observed students at several educational institutions in the provinces. Poison, appetite and anxiety in some people lead to coma, especially in female students. In these cases, the health professional found that the diet was not safe and healthy. Possible nutritional deficiencies, inadequate drinking, excessive consumption of soft drinks, fluctuations in weather, pollution, and hygiene For example.

The Minister added that in response to these cases, the Ministry has issued several guidelines aimed at promoting health. Student Blessings, especially the prevention of non-communicable diseases, accidents, and health care at any time of the year, covers both Public and private educational institutions. At the same time, the Ministry found that most educational institutions had implemented the guidelines of the Guidelines well. However, there are still a number of student institutions that do not perform well on the corner, which is why many students are accepted. Is associated with health problems and is detrimental to everyday learning. By: Waiko