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When the New Year comes, they make offerings for the new angel, and the houses are decorated with small electric lamps. Light colors or lanterns for every new angel. And when the hour was come, the angel of the Lord went out, and made his children come together, and made his prayer, and put perfume on him, and put perfume on him, Greet all the new angels. As for the offerings and offerings to the angels, they are usually tailored to the angel who comes down each year. During the three-day New Year's Day, the following events are observed:

Day 1 – Family gatherings to prepare for the New Year's Angels to come and pray for peace and prayer Realize the wishes of the New Year's angel, then the children offer their gifts, gifts, coins, gifts Grandparents, etc., sometimes give to the poor.

Day 2 – They bring a parade to the monks at the monastery, and in the evening they transport sand to build the surrounding shrines. The temple or around any pagoda in the pagoda. At dusk, they offered drinks to the monks, recited buddha, recited the pagoda and performed the sermon. In the afternoon, they go to Pune and pray to the mountain, supposedly like a julan shrine, and all the monks of the Buddha The mausoleum sends tribute to the deceased relatives of the deceased.

Day 3 – In the morning, God bless the family in the house we call the parents for the cleansing, washing, and gratitude Day to recite Buddha statues for water to wash their face, purify various monuments, and recite a Buddhist monk across a mountain. . In the evening, a monk is to go out to the village for a layman to clear the support of the old year Good works, good deeds will return.

During these three Lunar New Year celebrations, they play a lot of popular games, such as the King's Game Chimneys, kites, kites, chicks, chicks, and more, especially dance music, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance and dance. Also, don't forget to take the monument to the monastery. San Sarin