PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) – The president of the Khmer People's Party, William January, has writtenOn Facebook, following the order of the Prime Minister, the Inspection Team of the Royal Gendarmerie found that protestors in the land dispute, Tuy Sreimun Dead, beaten by police, armed guards and factions, especially beaten by drug addicts in prison Will the entire state proclamation Banteay Meanchey province, which claimed that the victims died because of mental problems with alcoholism.

Therefore, the masses find out whether the Banteay Meanchey provincial administration intends to cover up. Did the forensic officer of the Provincial Technical Bureau cover up? The two results are quite different.

According to a recent council member's opinion, some land issues have been violated by state lawmakers, but the issue is Why do they violate the authorities for not taking action, which is inaction, but in other cases, the authorities are colluding with the people who live Legitimate citizenship Intentional authority runs out land for those investments.

We recently received a complaint from a citizen in a southwestern province that the authorities have surrounded forces to ban people Where to go without food and sick and some to death with images, other handcuffs Such a practice by the lower authorities is the term 'Brother Citizens violate the territory of the sovereign state.

"I call on the corrupt authorities to stop the operation of their system and to implement the policy of land settlement in accordance with the white skin policy, the Land Law Proper regulatory norms avoid problems after officials track search law enforcement.

Law enforcement officials are aware that the most feared officers are out of time when the facts and evidence are known Those officials were never willing to take a public service role other than to serve their own interests, so when they left they could fall. Better Than A Breath Of Man ៕ By: Col Websites